Plug valve

Plug valve is an indispensable important aomponent for connecting the high-pressure manifold in well cementation and fracturing operations, and it is also applicable to similar high-pressure liquid control. The product has a compact structure and easy for maintenance, with small torque , rapid opening and easy operation. Currently it is the most ideal valve in well cementation and fracturing manifold.
 Plug valve is mainly composed of valve body, hand wheel, plunger and other parts, etc.
Inlet and outlet of plug valve are connected in a form of 1502 union(it can also be customized according to customer’s requirements). Cylinder coordinates between the body and bushing, and it is sealed by inserting the sealing element through the bushing exircle.
Cylindrical metal coordinates seal between bushing and plunger, with characteristics of high cooperation degree and reliable sealing.
Note: Under 15000PSI pressure, it can also be opened or closed more easily.


Hand and fluid operating relief valve
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