FC Series flat valve

>With full size design, effectively eliminate the pressure drop and vortex, and slow the washing of solid particles in fluid to the valve.
>Unique seal form makes the swith moment greatly reduced.
>Metal seat is adopted between bonnet and valve body, valve plate and valve seat ring.
>Metal seal is adopted between valve plate and valve seat ring, and the surface is sprayed and welded hard alloy, which has a good performance of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
> Seat ring is fixed by dead plate, which maintains good stability.
>Stem is set up with back sealing structure , which is easy to replace the stem seal ring with pressure.
>One side of the bonnet is equipped with sealing grease injection valve, in order to supplement the sealing grease, improve the sealing and lubrication performance of valve plate and seat.
>It can be equipped with all kinds of gas(liquid)actuators according to user’s requirements.

Flat valve
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