Drilling Fluid Manifold

Drilling fluid manifold consists of mud gate valves, high pressure union, tee joint, high pressure hose, bend, pressure gauge, and short section, etc.

Ground valve group adopts the goose tee structure, with compact structure, small fluid resistance, which can give full play of power.

Rig valve group adopts sloper cross, and single pipe can used directly, which is convenient for field use.

High pressure union adopts high strength alloy steel, forged through a special mould , and after heat treatment, it is completed through CNC. Real is realized through the sphere, cone matched with sealing ring. The advantages of this structure can realize rapid loading and unloading operation.

Gate and seat of mud gate valve adopts hard alloy sprey welding, with characteristics of erosion resistance and corrosion resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the valve. It also has the advantages of small operation torque, and light switch, etc.

Bend, sloper, tee and cross of the manifold are cast or forged by high-strength alloy steel, which thicken the tube wall appropriately and after good heat treatment, it can fully meet the requirements of strength and corrosion resistance.

For parts that require high precision adopt special processing technology, to ensure the manufacturing quality. For the parts with high pressure, they are passed through hydrostatic strength and sealing test before assembly, so as to strictly ensure the quality of the products.

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Drilling fluid manifold rig valve group
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