Throttle Manifold

08  Throttle manifold is the necessary equipment to control kick and implement pressure control technology for oil and gas wells. Under the closing condition of the blow out preventer,use the opening and closing of the blowout preventer, use the opening and closing of throttle vavle to control pressure in casing tube to maintain that the bottom pressure is always slighty greater than the formation pressure, avoiding formation fluid further into the well.Moreover,when closing the well,throttle manifold is available to discharge pressure rises to a certain limit,it can release and spurt pressure to protect the wellhead.

The throttle manifold consists of a throttle vavle,gate vavle,pipe,pipe fittings,pressure gauge,etc.

When the pressure in the well rises, the opening, and closing of throttle valves (three types: adjustable and manual type,hydraulic type and fixedtype)in throttle manifold can be adjusted to release the borehole fluid to control the pressure in casing tube.when pressure in casing tube exceeds a certain differential pressure,it can be sprayed through the gate vavle directly.
The pressure level of throttle manifold in our company is divided into five levels, namely 14Mpa,21Mpa, 35Mpa,70Mpa and 105Mpa.It can also be designed according to customers,requirements.


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