Electric submersible Pump well head

Electric submersible pump wellhead device is often used in mining land low pressure wells,water containing gas wells,or thick oil wells.
The wellhead cable penetrating the tubing hanger and tubing sloper to connect the electric submersible pump and surface power.It has a good sealing performance and ensures safety with convenient operation, which improves the automatic level of the electric submersible pump well.
performance Character:
The largest wellhead pressure is up to 10000PSI
With on -side installation,it does not need to adjust the azimuth, which can realize accurate installation within the tubing head cross.
Tubing head sloper is a movable and detachable structure, without being limited by the installation position.
The largest working pressure of the cable pentrator is up to 10000PSI.
Cale penetrator has a three-piece construction through the tubing hanger on the whole,and connects and seals with hanger thread.
Cable penetrator and cable adopt a structure of rapid power plug, which has a good performance of anti-puncturing and explosion proof.

KQ Series Resistance to sulfur Oil(gas) wellhead device
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